I would like to thank my MSc project supervisors Dr Jo Dicks and Dr David 
Robertson for their help and advice. I am also grateful to my previous bosses 
Professor Cathie Martin and Dr Trevor Wang who encouraged me to brave the world 
of Bioinformatics. Matthew Couchman patiently answered my questions concerning 
Perl programming. To much relief, Paul Fretter pinpointed the location of the Perl 
GD.pl module with the C library inside and Sean Walsh advised how I might deal with 
coordinates for the branches of a phylogenetic tree. Thanks also to Dr Martin Trick
who set up my account and web space for this project on the jicbio server and to 
Dr John Walshaw who allowed me time for the project.
	The John Innes Centre provided the funds for me to do the MSc course - I am 
very grateful.

	Since completing my MSc (February 2007), I have developed this website 
further. Funding awarded to Cathie Martin from the Danish National Research Foundation 
(Neils Bohr Visiting Professorship) enabled me to include another dicot species, 
Lotus (see Shelton et al, 2012), completing protein data sets from four model 
species (two dicot and two monocot) which together act as a scaffold for identifying 
all the distinctive subgroups of proteins present in TF families from the plant 
kingdom and understanding their phylogenetic context.